The company was founded in 1995 by Mr. Ashish Patni, an engineer who had nothing but dreams & a vision with him to fall back on & has now grown into a bread earner for 50+ families.
Ably aided by A Young Team of Professionals with Expertise in the Field Of Mould/Part Designing & Manufacturing, The Company Is Located in Vasai, in the outskirts of the Mumbai (Bombay) City, The Financial Capital of India, & Is Easily Accessible by Road & Trains & Just around 50 Kms Away From Domestic & International Airports.

It is the Policy of the Company to manufacture, deliver & support the product & services, which meet all of the technical, functional, quality, economical & Environmental expectations of our customer.
Our reputation will continue to be based on the high quality performance of our product & services.

We use the following objectives to monitor and improve processes at relevant functions and levels within the organization. These objectives are measured regularly,
reviewed periodically and corrective actions are taken when results do not meet the targets.:
  1. Maintain a minimum of 99% OTD
  2. Maintain less than 50 Defects per Million (DPM) shipped to customers.
  3. Maintain less than 500 ppm defects in our manufacturing processes.
  4. Continually improve safety and ensure employee delight.
  5. Reduce the impact on the environment through reduction, reuse and recycling.